Two corvettes racing Fail

December 1, 2011 ·
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Now this is another video, a very popular, it has gotten more than 3 million views in only six days.
It’s about a race of Two corvettes. The video description says he shot the video while going to pick up the turkey for Thanksgiving.

The video itself is not that interesting in my opinion, it’s only 57 seconds long.

I wish the guy filming would’ve at least show more than that.
Anyways it’s a popular y maybe ok for thanksgiving. Come to think that Corvettes are expensive! Maybe next time I’ll take my Datsun and Show them how to really race, Mine will not be a fail.

Girls moves her eyebrows like…

December 31, 2011 ·
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This is the video of a girl that seems to have some kind of talent, let’s see.

As you can see she does something with her eyebrows and you can hear the music in the background.

The video was uploaded by a user named “theinternetisaweird”

Now it’s this some kind of joke? Because I don’t see why I couldn’t do that. Look mmmm (I am now doing it) Oh wait! you’re supposed to follow the music.

No wonder. I see now why it has gotten atention. I see that now has more than 3 million views (3,893,689 views) almost 4 million in 2 Days.

I am going to start making funny videos to see if they become popular :D I am going to dance around the house with a show in my head :D ja ja ..

Ok, my friends that’s all for today. We just watched a girl with some kind of special talent, she moves her eyebrows in a interesting way, maybe I should say extraordinary way.


What’s wrong with people’s comments on youtube. They don’t seem impressed. Maybe is because it a short video (only 36 seconds long) or maybe everybody expected more.

I personally liked it. See you guys next time have a happy NEW Year! :)

Nigahiga The Worst Boyfriend ever

August 14, 2012 ·
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Nigahiga has been single for a reason, he explains. He gives a razor instead of roses to his girlfriends. He could be jealous very easy. Arguing about the toilet seat. Many guys do it!

Ha ha, I watched the last part, I thought he was going to say “I love you too” but he didn’t. Oh my God! What in the world is nigahiga doing. Just making people laugh.

Anyways. Let’s check the stats Alright? Ok. So far the video “The worst boyfriend Ever” has 1,979,790 in just TWO Days. Talk about someone who has subscribers. :D

【PV】ギンガムチェック ダイジェスト映像 / AKB48[公式] gingham check digest [PV] video [official]

August 12, 2012 ·
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So I am here trying to understand. I had to use google translator to get an idea.

But since this video is in the most viewed worldwide I had to put it here. I am not so sure what they’re saying all I hear is music. People dancing I see. I believe is something like oficial something. Do you guys know?

Here is the translation that google gave me: gingham check digest [PV] video [official] Which it will come from:

【PV】ギンガムチェック ダイジェスト映像 / AKB48[公式]
But you guys know Japanese right? Ok here are the stats:

1,484,754 views in Five days!
Added on August 7 2012.

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