A nuclear attack to the US

April 26, 2012 ·
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I went to the list of most viewed videos on youtube, I found one that talks about Israel and some kind of Holocaust. In the description they’re talking about Israel and Iran. What it is, is a video about FOX interviews Ari & Jeremy, talking about a series of web videos why Israel would be [...]

Jinnyboytv Only in Malaysia

April 23, 2012 ·
Filed under: Funny, Over 5 min but less than 10 min 

In Malaysia the Hand is Powerful, And…… We have here a new video from the Most Viewed on youtube, the channel is JinnyboyTV and it’s interesting watching the places that are shown. But, the Hand in Malaysia is not always Powerful They Call everyone “Boss”, this was funny too. “Only on MaLAYSIA food rocks” “Do [...]

Thereplygirl made it to top youtube

March 12, 2012 ·
Filed under: General, Over 5 min but less than 10 min 

A lot of people know who thereplygirl is, come on! the girl that replies to almost every popular video? She’s here on the most viewed this week. She’s so adorable! NOT! I mean she’s ok, but her videos and what she says in them are crap. A lot have complained of her tactic. Today’s she’s [...]

Equals Three You’re Awesome

March 8, 2012 ·
Filed under: Over 5 min but less than 10 min, Ray William Johnson 

Good looking kids! That’s how we start the video today. And he (ray william johnson from Equals Three) reviews the first video which is the “pen head”, then moves on to the next which is, actually pretty funny, a wedding. The problem is that in that wedding the bride has an accident and she shows [...]

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