What is this a commercial?

December 15, 2011 ·
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I have very little words for the video above, I am not a fan to sitting and watching TV shows. It looks like that’s exactly what the video is about. Let’s See…”Tonight , Hot in Cleveland , All New Episode. And the EXEs a New sitcom, Tonight on TV Land, Laugh more”. Wow! I can’t [...]

برنامج لا يكثر: الحلقة الثانية عشر (don’t know what it means)

December 11, 2011 ·
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layektharshow is the channel on youtube uploaded Dec 9, 2011. This should be funny, I am laughing my *** off. Ha ha ha . Wait a minute! I don’t understand crap of what he’s saying! Then , Why did you bring it here? Well I found it there, in the list, I thought people were [...]

Smosh I am possessed You re possessed

December 11, 2011 ·
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Oh my God! I saw this on the History Channel, You’re Possessed! This videos has gotten more than 600 thousands views in two days. I am not a big fan of Smosh Videos, I don’t remember how many I’ve seen of him or them, Maybe a couple? So today I am giving myself a chance [...]

Two corvettes racing Fail

December 1, 2011 ·
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Now this is another video, a very popular, it has gotten more than 3 million views in only six days. It’s about a race of Two corvettes. The video description says he shot the video while going to pick up the turkey for Thanksgiving. The video itself is not that interesting in my opinion, it’s [...]

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