What is this a commercial?

December 15, 2011
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I have very little words for the video above, I am not a fan to sitting and watching TV shows. It looks like that’s exactly what the video is about.

Let’s See…”Tonight , Hot in Cleveland , All New Episode. And the EXEs a New sitcom, Tonight on TV Land, Laugh more”.

Wow! I can’t wait to sit down and buy some popcorn, I want to stare a the TV. I am going to laugh I am going to have fun!.

Wait! I don’t have a TV.

What! Yes I don’t have one. I am not going to be able to watch the EXES or the Hot in Cleveland thing. mmm….

I guess I am going to have to save money for one Flat LCD 50 inches and then I can enjoy my sitcom.

Alright It’s all set up.

Naa!… I can’t believe the number of views this thing has gotten so far, more than 560 thousand views in only one day.

I’ll see you guys next time hope you enjoyed the 30 second video. :D


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