Ray William Johnson English Accents Another video

December 2, 2011
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There is this little, short guy called RAY William Johnson on youtube. He uploads a bunch of videos to youtube like everyday (I mean he’s like everyday on the most viewed).

So today he’s talking about some accent people use a british accent and they seem to sound !good! and the Fenton Dog, come on! He’s just got out of control, running. RAy tries to show Fenton, but he’s busy taking a crap.

Ray Complains because British people with their accent sound classy. The cigarretts called fags and slavery acceptable.

The other review of this crazy short guy (not a midget) is about the HOW to channel. (HOw to open a door with a toaster). He’s showing us how to talk to a woman.

That’s it guys. The question of the day is What are you looking at?


This is crap! I got to go , Ray is so popular that my website is going to be talking about it over and over. God I hope NOT ;) . We’ll SEE RAy English JOHNSON!


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