Megaupload Mega Song

December 17, 2011
Filed under: Less than 5 min, Music 

This is a Song, Can we watch it?

What? Another Commercial? I thought I just Watched one. We just can’t get enough.

Unlimited uploads here at Megauploads, You can upload all your files, Send me your files. Mega and Mega, Check it out! We love it because it’s fast.

They even Spell it for you in case you don’t know how to Spell M-e-g-a-u-l-o-a-d. There you have it Friends!

I think they’re using the Technique I was once using in one of my videos. I made a song about my website. (DiDn’t pick up though) It’s supposed to be catchy!

When you leave the computer you will get the music stuck in your head! MEGA, MEGA, etc. FinE!


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