I am making Pancakes White kid singing

December 28, 2011
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Check out this video, views more than 15 million views in about one month

Have some pancakes made by me mother—–r.

I asked my friends on facebook about what beat they wanted me to rap to.!

I am a white kid making and singing or I should say singing and making you a pancake. In the kitchen just for you.

chris brown broke up with rihanna so he lookin for another silly idiotic hoe he can beat up
i wish that he was man enough to get inside the octagon with me i’d knock him out like im lyoto machida
front kick to the face just by throwin my feet up
wink at rihanna, baby show me your d-cups
im givin it to the man, the cakes are stickin right to the pan
your fate is imminent imma diminish it anyways so if you smoke then reup
Lets go!
Gotta butter up another one and put it on the skillet couple minus til its done done
aint no body fuckin with this kid, so tell jerry sandusky im gonna kill him with a stun gun
come come get a get a crumb, hit a spitta with a fit of venom when i split a drum
take another visit in a minute where the menaces to society in inda gada davida-vida
you’re danny devito when i belittle literally itll better you
battling anybody with a better view ahead of you
like bitter batter batter imma hit you with an auto mo’ battery
bada bing bada bada boom
im the king better get a clue get offended when im sentimental and i spit at you

There you guys have it! a very popular video today! I have very little to say, I am tired, but you guys enjoy!


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